2 Services to Create short URL’s with custom link name and Password Protection feature

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  1. Caspian says:

    Totally digging it. Keep the URLs short and crisp and don’t give away too much info to the unecessarily curious types. Will surely be giving this a shot.

  2. priya says:

    thanks for this tool everyone needs to keep their info private will try it out.

  3. Bobby says:

    This is indeed a wonerful tool.

  4. Phaoloo says:

    They are really useful if you want to share secret stuff via Twitter :D. But why send via Twitter, not mail???

  5. jonny says:

    Non of those adresses, exist or am i doing it wrong? click on the link but it just take me to an default page on both of them. help would be nice 🙂

    great site by the way +5

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