3 New services which provides the shortest URL ever

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  1. Srikanth says:

    You got check out http://i.srikanthmanda.com/urowntinyurl.
    It is the One URL shortner to rule them all!
    But of course, you got to have a short domain unlike mine.
    I decided to use it create simple urls to redirect to profile pages with no vanity urls or with really long urls like Facebook.
    But it may be a cool tool to use especially for this site [WebTrickz].

  2. Maurice says:

    Even better.. Check out http://smrl.tk/
    It’s a service that uses Dot TK to give everyone
    a free domain with URL shortening services. It also
    gives you instant support for API and bookmarklet!

  3. memest says:

    http://go.af is one of the shortest shortener URL in the world.

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