"Airtel Fair Usage Policy" sets a Limit on Unlimited Plans

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  1. Caspian says:

    Oh man…this sucks. I’ve been such a huge fan of AIrtel’s Internet Services over the last couple of years. They have the best customer service and probably the most stable connection out of all the service providers in India. It’s a shame that they had to introduce a draconic measure like this to limit the users who are bringing them the highest moolah. I’m surely signing up for this petition though!!!

  2. varun says:

    stupid service!!! i’ve had airtel engineers visiting my place n they cudnt identify tht y the speed goes down to 256 from 512! i pay 799 of rent for this crap!!! fair usage policy isn’t so fair!

  3. hitec16 says:

    fair usage policy is crap i have been using airtel from almost 1 year and now i switching back to sify broadband i can’t live with 256kbps 🙁

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