Airtel launches 4G LTE service in Kolkata [Plans & Tariffs]

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  1. Sujay says:

    Great to know that Mayur… Will 3G phones support 4G?

  2. Plaban says:

    In my place Airtel 3G is still not available and they are already launching 4G services. 4G is too expensive at this time, I hope data plans will become cheap soon,

  3. Giri says:

    //2. In case of Postpaid , tax is over and above the MRP

    3. In case of Postpaid, the tax is included in MRP//

    I think you have typed post paid two times.

  4. Agnes James says:

    Hello guys
    I am from Delhi. I am a vodafone user as well as using airtel connection. I had activated 249 plan on my airtel connection as per described according to my requirements. They told me that I would get some free calls as well as the call rates are also cheaper. But don’t know was that just to attract customers or what??? I just filed my complaint to the but is not any hearing there So I just moved for where I again filed my complaint about the very much charged bill amount. Hope to get some help from them ASAP.

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