BitDefender website reported as an Attack/Malware site by Firefox & Google Chrome !

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  1. B B says:

    Let us know if you find any answers.

  2. As one ‘developer’ of a site that has been labelled by Firefox’s latest rigid updated version of 3, I think this is unfair as this is commonly of no fault of the site developer/webhost.

    We have all been great fans of Firefox for many years now, but I’m very disappointed with their automatic display of this warning. It just scares people off (useful) websites
    unnecessarily that have potentially become infected through no fault of their own.

    Other browsers don’t show this degree of ’sensitivity’ (nor, insensitivity!!!) that this latest FF update does; it simply is too much caution.

    Leave the security issues with the host, leave out the inconvenience from the users. We urge FF to disable this damaging and reckless feature.

  3. K R Patel says:

    Hi Buddy,

    Try SOSWEBSCAN its powerful and working fine to remove label of “REPORTED ATTACK SITE” from website.

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  4. hayyo says:

    FF sucks dude

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