"Bsnl offers unlimited songs, music videos and games for download @ Rs.149"

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  1. Pratyush says:

    Now thats a great initiative from BSNL. That will help in reducing piracy by offering downloads at minimum prices. Also torrent site might see a downfall in donations now :D.

  2. Caspian says:

    Steve Jobs once said of his iTunes softaware, that given the choice most people would like to be honest. If people are provided music at a reasonable price, they would much rather pay for it than steal it from someone else. Now that BSNL has got the ball rolling on that front with an extremely tempting offer to keep honest people honest, I’d like to see how many are gonna flock to the counters for this one!!!

  3. GAGAN says:

    i think other ISP’s should also provide such kind of brilliant offers,and also should reduce their broadband tariffs.

  4. rajanikanth says:

    hello sir,
    I am a customer of BSNl since last 20 years & well appreciate for what u have contributed upto yet…

    Now i would like to have a favor form u by having an invitation for bw torrent.com……

    thank u ……waiting for ur reply sir…….
    my no is 0877-2230814,099660941436….

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