Moto G4 Play vs Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime : Specs Comparison & Initial Thoughts

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  1. Zen says:

    Dedicated micro SD slot in moto g4 play is a top choice to choose moto.

    Also worst customer service of Mi after sales is a plus point for Moto G4.

    Gorilla glass protection is one more plus point for Moto G4.

    Even if Redmi 3s comes for 4999 rupees I will prefer Moto G4 play because site serve as notification that there exists a device Redmi 3s which will never arrive on stock and misguide people that don\’t go for any other device. Just wait and wait to arrive back in stock.

    The same Redmi 3s with finger print scanner is available in China for 6999 and here the same is available for that price without fingerprint sensor.

    After Miui update you are going to miss volte feature in Redmi 3s but Iam sure Motorola is not going to do that.

    I have more trust in moto than Xiaomi. This moto g4 play is the best device for volte. Just go for this.

    Don\’t think about low antutu score and old snapdragon processor. Think about fluid experience moto is going to offer.

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