DAPlayer – Free HD Blu-ray Multimedia player for Windows

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  1. David Macdonald Ajang says:

    I almost download & try this player until I saw the verdict. But some people might find some of DAP’s features useful – support more codecs than WMP12 & play disc from any region.

    • rich says:

      i found this player on the iobit website, i tried it and it really does look stunning. Of course it will depend on the file that your playing(if it low quality, then it won’t make it look like a blu-ray), but i have a copy of a blu ray movie, and i played it with vlc(which i really love), then the same with daplayer, oh my god, the only thig that i can tell you is to try it,,, the higher the quality the file the better. hey if you don’t like it, you can always uninstall it.(oh yeah, what i did was uninstall vlc and after i installed daplayer, i went to associations and checked all of them, that way when you go to play a video file, that way you know that that is whats playing the file.

  1. November 25, 2010

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