Download Free 60-day trial of Microsoft Office 2007

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  1. Thakshila says:

    i need to try this one.

  2. Rebecca Carrillo says:

    I’m going to school and I am using microsoft office 2007. I am trying to get your free trial for your 60 day trial but it sends me to a 60 day trial for your microsoft office 2010. I would really want to get your microsoft office 2007 because that is what i am using at school now. So is there any chance there would be a way i could get it then i would get 2010 after if yes how would i do this ?.

  3. Josh Vice says:

    I am trying to download 60 day free trial from microsoft and it comes up to the end where you have to enter your trial product key, which I do but it always says that it is not a valid key, yet that is the one that is on the download page of the site. How can I go about finishing the download to be able to use the products? Thanks

  4. junej says:

    how to download it…………..

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