Download Free ‘Splash Lite’ – The ultimate HD player !

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  1. JK says:

    Thanks for sharing, I was really looking for one on my Windows XP, but I think some advanced features only available with pro-version?

    • Mayur says:

      Mainly all the advanced features of Pro. are included in Lite version. Check there features comparison list for details. The Pro. version will be out in Dec 😀

  2. Pratyush says:

    Looks great, but doesnt seem to work for me. Program crashes the moment I slide the movie forward.

    I am in need of some good Movie player (which can work with ffdshow on Windows 7).

  3. Alok says:

    Worked great for AVCHD video.

    Does it play Blu-ray Disc as well? It seems Splash BD version is required for that.

  4. Maniac says:

    Great player. Uses dxva much better than mpc-hc and gives great picture quality even without dxva! Doesnt play some files I have (some SD rubbish) but this is HD dedicated software so i don’t care. My Fav player for HD.

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