Download Gnostice Free PDF Viewer [Small & portable]

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  1. Pratyush says:

    I have been using FoxIt Reader, that too is a free and portable app for PDF viewing (but it didn’t support PDF presentations). Hope this one supports PDF presentations.

    Also, is there any free PDF viewing software which has ability to export PDF to other formats (retaining the formatting) ?

  2. FARAN says:

    It is not better than foxit reader!

  3. dr.salman says:

    hi,,nice post, i was using adobe reader but its huge,, this free pdf reader is small handy and reads almost all formats,have it,thanks

  4. krintu says:

    adobe is the best software out there for pdf …although its bulky..but works flawlessly…foxit reader is good too..but doesnot have pdf conversion utility…anyways…TFI..

  5. Caspian says:

    Well…looking at this purely from a business perspective, Adobe surely has the edge over all of these other bit players. Would be interesting to see if players like gnostice are able to carve out a niche for themselves.

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