Download iOS 4 [Direct Download Links]

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  1. Deelaw says:

    Hey, thanks for these direct links. However, these are RESTORE packages, so please note that in order to install properly you’ll have to tell iTunes you want to “restore” your iPod/iPhone instead of “update.”

  2. bigbols says:

    If you use “Shift + Restore” it restores your phone to have the blank iOS4 you point it to….not ideal as you lose everything.

    If you use “Shift + Update” it will update your phone with iOS4, keeping all your pics, music, contacts etc.

    If you already tried the “Shify + Restore” method, just restore again to an older restore point (3.1.3 for example) and it will restore your pics and contacts from that restore point, but will keep iOS4 on the phone.

  3. omarhazem says:

    i keep receiving an error after the ‘verifying update with apple’ dialogue .. any help?!

  4. dillon says:

    i downloaded the IOS 4 update for 2nd gen ipod touch but when i try to open the folder on itunes it doesnt work, help please!!!

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