Download latest wallpapers from Windows 7 RC 1

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  1. telestagary says:

    what a amazing wallpapers. But I want some natural of fauna or of wildlife.

  2. MOin says:

    They are same as beta ones =S

  3. dr.salman says:

    very nice wallpapers, nice work,thanks

  4. sam says:

    very nice wallpapers, nice work,but i want more beautifull wallpaper

  5. wellwish says:

    Very nice wallpapers, Amazing!

  6. walid says:

    Very nice wallpaper 😀

    Good . . .

  1. April 28, 2009

    Windows 7 RC1 gets special Features…

    Wow First the RC is on time now their are secret features…

  2. June 16, 2009

    […] inspired a lot since its release. We have already covered many post related to new and upcoming Windows 7 wallpapers. Now here is another official wallpaper found in the latest Build […]

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