Download Offline Updates for Microsoft Security Essentials

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  1. Thanks for sharing this!

    Now I can download the file once and install on all of my other PCs and save 50MB each time 🙂

  2. Si Thu Win says:

    Thanks to u. I like most microsoft security essentials antivirus.

  3. ASIF says:

    i use MSE its better.

  4. BEL says:

    to download update

  5. chamee says:

    thanks !!!

  6. akber says:

    offline file update help us very much

  7. kannan says:

    MSE is doing great , Thanks Microsoft

  8. DEBU says:


  9. Thanks for your MSE. It’s OK for me.

  10. amit says:

    pls updated this offline update

  11. hariprasad says:

    hello friends………..i too use the microsoft security essentials it is good ……

  12. mukhtar says:

    thanks i am very happy to use this…..

  13. saleh makerm says:

    I do not have Internet at home and because of this I would like to carry the update file to the program Microsoft Security Essentials .
    Is it any one help me to find her?

  14. thank you, I like most microsoft security essentials

  15. Bo Bo Min says:

    Thank for this update.

  16. rohit rana says:

    This is better than other antivirus

  17. Roja says:

    IS MSE free antivirus software??

  18. Roja says:

    how to download this MSE Setup file..pls send the download link to

  19. Tunminaunglay says:

    Very very Thankyou

  20. Xender says:

    East to west
    Ms Essential is the best…

  21. Tun Aung says:

    I love Micro Soft and I used Microsoft Security Essential for antivirus of my computer. Thanks MSE.


  23. madiz says:

    waaaal mse is awesome best of the best

  24. Harvey says:

    yes its true..MSE Antivirus was so good among the other antivirus!, MSE Antivirus also have best detector all threats best nothing with ease, i love Microsoft and i love MSE Antivirus

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