Fix Steam not updating [How To]

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  1. zhack says:

    it works bro!!!
    im at singapore, n change the server to 9(taiwan)

  2. Respect :D says:

    WTF man… im living at Malaysia then change server to 9(taiwan) which is nearer server then my update is not stuck again wooooo~~~
    hahahha VERY2 happy thanks…..100% thanks..

  3. SLICK says:

    Screw those dumb delete blob files your the best simple and fast fix 😀 \m/

  4. Rg says:

    Thanks. thats a superb solution. fixed when others fixes didn’t work!

  5. Finally says:

    Wow thanks it works unlike other fixes I found !

  6. Igor says:

    Works awesome!!! thanks a lot! =)

  7. Josh says:

    Not working, in Malaysia but not working when I change to 9, 30, 35 and a few other randoms.

  8. André says:

    I have done all of the above and I only get to 6%?, the first time I ran steam it stopped at 42%?, at steam rates I will never play online games.

  9. chew says:

    i tried everything but sp far no luck. but then i came across this tread and OMG u fixed it. THX A LOT!!(this fix should be distributed everywhere)

  10. Naz says:

    thanks a lot for this advice. It helped me also, after all other advice failed (for 3 days). Please keep up good work in helping others, we do appreciate it !

  11. Naits says:

    old topic but I have the same problem, but unfortunately nothing works for him

  12. Arjan says:

    It worked, thanks!

  13. Le3F says:

    the reg edit software won’t even launch for me, I’m on windows XP if that matters

  14. abhishek says:

    heyy brow nice work but when i jst edited the blob file then its not saving it says “error in saving the file acees denied”
    plz help!

  15. Nigel says:


  16. Sharad says:

    Excellent!!!! thanks a lot

  17. likith says:

    it works!!! tnx a lot..

  18. Zuhaib says:

    Thanks .. after trying many solutions from two days .. finally this worked .. Thanks again.

  19. vijay says:

    thanks…. works

  20. dhruv says:

    same problem i cant update it cames the same Steam is temporarily unavailable, please try later” plss help 🙁

  21. RozgSzeFka says:

    It works! Thank you very much for your help.

  22. Amit Singh says:

    Thanks alot man its worked even after its 2015

  23. Corey says:

    I\’m running on Windows 8 and I can\’t open the registry….Please help me!

  24. Abhishek says:

    You sir saved my life

  25. Pratham says:

    Can you give me names of servers listed from 1 to 90 need your help plZzz

  26. Matt says:

    Thanks a lot man!! After a few tries y found option number 5 still works.. options 1 and 9 have not. Cheers!!

  27. shubham sharma says:

    bro can u help I have same prblm but I live in india

  28. LCS says:

    Not working, tried everything and not working …………… windows 10, october 2017.

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