Fix subtitles not working in Windows 7 Media Player 12

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  1. Hexus says:

    In case this doesn’t work, go here:

    Place the DLL in the Plugins folder of your Windows Media Player directory in C:\Program Files\


  2. Rodolfo says:

    thanks alot bro!!! (y)

  3. Nick says:

    Works fine now with Wmp7.
    Thanks alot =)

  4. Michael T says:

    Yes it’s working! Thank you.

  5. dunno says:

    I dont see a version for windows 7 OS..?

  6. Shahroz says:

    @ poster thank you v v much Download DirectVobSub working perfectly 🙂

  7. nandro says:

    Download klite codec pack and install, everything will be fine, also subs

  8. tomcy says:

    thanks dude, other players(VLC) used instead of media player. now back to MP

  9. Smith says:

    Vobsub / VSFILTER Alternative – Another way is Local Subtitles for WMP :

    Subtitles Plugin for Windows Media Player allows you to play movies with subtitles in Windows 7 Media Player 12. This is a background plug-in for Windows Media Player. Its sole purpose is enabling textual subtitles, that accompany media files in formats not supported directly by Microsoft.

  10. Dante says:

    Thanks, you are great

  11. Matthijs says:

    In my case, it was caused by using the 32-bits version of wmp. When I started to use the 64-bits version, it was working!

  12. Unknown says:

    Microsoft is completely retarded these kind of things don’t work out of the box.

    Been trying anything to use Media Center with subtitles.

    Microsoft, retards.

  13. Shahadat Hossain says:

    Ts is great man………tnx 4 help…….

  14. Andy says:

    This is great ! subtitles are working !! thanks for this wonderful advice !!

  15. Xitox says:

    Not Working at wmp12 , window 8 pro.. I already instal k-lite mega codec.. still not work.. please help…

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