Free License Key To Activate AVG Anti-Virus 8 (paid-version) Till 2018

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  1. dodobrowns says:

    Thanks brother! Works great!

  2. Mayur says:

    @ dodobrowns
    Thanks for trying it out.

    Mayurs last blog post..Windows 7 Demo Screenshots from Today’s PDC keynote

  3. Yama says:

    Thank’s man.

  4. Kevin says:

    You saved me some ££, Thanks bro! <3.

  5. jeff says:

    Can no longer

  6. John says:

    WOW! thanks man works great!

  7. Nermin says:


  8. lifhnoj says:

    wazzzzzzuppp… thanks! u great……

  9. Mahesh D says:

    Thanks Mayur but does it works, as last time I used the keys(not provided by you), it works for few days properly and then starts giving problem. If u are using at home, I suggest to use AVG free edition. Ur effort is great, I appreciate it.

  10. Sajin says:

    The link given of the virus does not work

  11. Jaspreet says:

    Sajin is right. The link for avg_ipw_stf_all_8_196a1383.exe file is broken. Please look into this.

  12. Hazem says:

    thanks man
    that is great work
    very nice work and very nice number
    you helped me repair my pc

  13. Joey says:

    I worked Great, but my firewall,system tools and anti spam is disabled

  14. LIZ says:

    I DID NOT WORK!! : /

  15. Pradeep says:

    thanks bro…. thanks a lot… you are really great…..

  16. Nigga says:

    I made the racist name so you guys would know this isn’t an automated message. Thanks dude for the license key, I am happy it works!

  17. suresh_i says:

    downloading now. thanks – have been looking for this.

  18. Nilay says:

    please give me the license key of avg 8.5

  19. nvd says:

    great!! thank’s…

  20. Andrei says:

    Thanks man !

  21. ALdwin says:

    man.. plss send me a antivirus avg intaller xpiration is 2018.. tnx.. ds is my email add..

  22. ALdwin says:

    i am waiting to send me in my email add the installer of avg antivirus… expiration in on 2018

  23. rukshan says:

    plz send me license number

  24. imran ansari says:

    thank you ! very much my computer at risk without anti virus software

  25. Nitin says:

    Than you ! vary much its fantastic experiance to use antivirus with license and without paying any cost. I am proud of you and request to live it continue……..

  26. Ashay says:


  27. J says:

    Thank you very much worked great!

  28. shell says:

    This definitely works!! Thanks so much.

  29. rob says:

    ay i thought it wouldnt work but if u have already got it installed it does still work sick reallly good cheers

  30. Sandraaaaaaaaa says:

    The first time I did it it gave me a 15 day trial which lasted a month then I did it again and it worked fine, so even if you had to put it in every month it’s better than paying every month.

  31. leeanne says:

    ahhhh thanx man u saved me,

  32. ThankYou says:

    Man you are the best! I love u

  33. unknown says:


  34. Scotty says:

    Wow, Thank you! You’re fantastic!!

  35. m says:

    some1 told me it works for avg 9 too.

  36. allan fafu says:

    i love this avg becouse its very powerful so that i download every time i nid even if its trial. thats all! tnx a lot.

  37. OmarElsayed says:

    it didnt work

  38. sas says:

    Wicked! Worked with version 9 too! It said first that it was an invalid key but now it says fully working!


  39. mirage. says:

    is this illegal? dont wanna get screwed.

  40. Hubert says:

    thx… it worked beautifully…

  41. sadeeq says:

    hay its really rocking…..i installed avg 9.0 ver and i thought that this key will not working but now i realy surprized dat my license expire date rise up tell 26feb,2018.
    Thanks allot

  42. John Walker says:

    This key downloaded some updates from the AVG servers and wrecked my #$@%@#$ PC!!!


  43. John Walker says:

    My IT guy told me that every time AVG updates, it queries your licence key, your IP address, and your computer name on their servers.

    Don’t use this illegal key!

  44. binaebi says:

    thanks very much am so happy becos my avg licence was have problem so as i log on to this site i got a new key

  45. bob says:

    Here an AVG Internet Security key, which lasts up to 2018.

  46. is true that it is illegal??

  47. k says:

    thnx man thnx alot

  48. jhayare says:

    thanks man.. but that’s not aN AVG PRO.

  49. sam morris says:

    ya dude its work but i have doubt if im afraid after two days it can be expired
    bythe end


  50. Ismail MR says:

    Thanks, Its Working Perfectly…

  51. bob says:

    Here a an AVG Internet Security code, which will work on AVG 9.0


  52. kyleeeeeee says:

    at first it said invalid key, but i just updated my AVG then it said the key was active and i have the full version until 2018 thank youuuu 😀

  53. leeanne says:

    I recently got a massage from AVG saying that they found that the serial key has not recognised so they are going to investiage in the meantime they gave me the 15 day trial. but overall it good, just keep re entering the serial key.

  54. slayeralicia says:

    *Disable Your Updates & You Can Use this Key Will Work. If It updates it wil say invalid key so be careful. It works well for me. So thanx!

  55. adrian says:

    Awesome!!!It works…Thanks guys…

  56. esong says:

    it works really great… i am using avg 9

  57. smitha says:

    This key is working.. I want to know weather this make any harm to computer..

  58. Heaven says:

    For some reason its not working for me, what do you put for the username?

  59. jackie says:

    thank you so much……its really rocking….!!!!!

  60. bob says:

    To use AVG Internet Security for free up to 2/26/2018, just download and install the latest version of AVG Internet Security setup installer from AVG paid version installation file download page:(
    When prompt for license number during installation, enter the following serial key:


  61. eds santos says:

    thank u very much……..its really rocking….!!!!!

  62. ALISSAHMADIA says:


  63. shdie says:

    was working earlier, but now is not working….. i need a new one.. any help?

  64. PEDALS says:

    Thanks for looking out for us peeps! Thanks!

  65. daniel says:

    u r full of it. the key is six sets of numbers not seven don’t try it people it wont work.

    • bill says:

      there 7 lots of numbers otherwise the 300+ people on this form would be complaing but all them are happy includeing myself for using the code -Removed- which activated mine till 2018

  66. mark says:

    just worked for me

  67. JEDI says:

    Excelent works a treat,Thanks

  68. fee says:

    thank you for the key, it worked perfectly.

  69. KENLEY says:

    WOW, it does work great u guys….thank you so much bob and MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011.

  70. Target says:


  71. Venkatesh says:

    Amazing this key also works for avg antivirus 9.0.872 (AVG 9 versions). I tried and it is working

  72. FATEH says:

    thank you for the key . Thanks

  73. Yeah says:


  74. good says:

    at first it said invalid key, but i just updated my AVG then it said the key was active and i have the full version until 2018 thank youuuu

  75. Nice work but i am using kaspersky its fine…….

  76. ARNAB GHOSH says:

    thank u soooooooooooo much………..i neede it very badly

  77. sourav says:

    dats great yar the key is working
    thanxs a lot :)

  78. Nitin says:

    thank u very muchhhhhhhhhhh
    its greaaaaat work

  79. sam says:

    you r such a gr8 person who provided this licence key ….love u ..u r tooo nice
    may u get all the happiness of life.god bless u.have a nice day.

  80. CD says:

    any body knows the code for AVG PC Tuneup ?

  81. Tinkooo says:

    really worked….

  82. Hassan says:

    works…. AVG internet Security 10.0.1204


  83. ella says:

    thnx :*

  84. ella says:

    …just more time….thanks sooooooooooo muchhhhhhhh…..see u 28.02.2018 :))))))))))

  85. galal says:

    u rock dude 😀

  86. Jimmi says:

    Det er jo genialt! Tak .. Jeg kunne også godt bruge en licens til PC tune up? (:

    This is great. Maybe a Licence to PC Tuneup could end up in here sometime?

  87. dIANA aLLEN says:

    I am in need of a code for AVG 2011 because my kids lost mine

  88. sittie saliha aminodin says:

    how can i activate my password for free because it had been expired

  89. Tony Franco says:

    hey it didn’t work for me

  90. AVG-USERS says:

    I love you friends, now I can activate it for full and free.

  91. Jim says:

    Thanks…..from philippines



  93. Scotland says:

    Genius Bob !

  94. lolwut says:

    thanks to bob, this key works!

  95. dude says:

    most amazing key I have ever tried in my life with no hassles….just copied and pasted.

  96. VINNY says:

    Awesome… just copy paste.. initially it will say invalid key.. close avg and start again.. it works.. great… thans a ton

  97. Mukesh Jain says:

    Hey Dude it is working fine , thank you

  98. SK says:

    its not even working. it says the code is invalid

  99. MANISH says:


  100. DOUBLE D says:

    Many thanks mate. It works great!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Dian says:

    yeah !! see you on FEBRUARY 28 2k18.. thanks a lot.. !! it works great !! .. :))

  102. meynard says:

    thank you!!!! its working

  103. jfix says:

    Thanks Bro ur the man…………….

  104. bob says:

    it’s stopped working – stupid american independence day! Always was bad luck day!

  105. vili says:

    Works great, thanks!

  106. markus says:

    how to make it work on windows 8?

  107. Domi says:

    omg dude thx a lot!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Blare says:

    god damn!!
    thats working..thanks

  109. Rishabh says:

    works great! thanks!!

  110. ergys says:

    thank you bro

  111. abro says:

    thanx man .. ACED works …

  112. G says:

    Still working

  113. Ryan says:


  114. babylhiza says:




    LOVE U BRO!!!

  115. babylhiza says:

    AT FIRST I WAs hesitant coz the one written above was a jerk and now its working!!!

  116. kaoneku says:

    WORK! Thanx u…

  117. Evans says:

    Thanks dude. You saved me some $. Stay blessed

  118. david says:

    this is awesome……i can’t believe it really worked…thanks BOSS!!!

  119. shaun says:

    Worked automatically
    Thanks alot :)

  120. rose says:

    thanks bill its working finally

  121. Merl says:

    Man thx alot. mine was expired today!. thx to u. my pc can go on!. 😀

  122. tdot says:

    thanks a lot man!!

  123. joey says:

    works exactly as it says, until feb 26 2018

  124. Dicky says:

    Thank you very much. It work very well. U saved me a lot of money.

  125. Kratos says:

    ah…. embracing joy at the moment trubutes…

  126. Carol says:

    AVG says license incomplete on your code. Do you have a full code I can use, without getting AVG trial window popping every day? I enter ACED code and AVG keeps changing to trial version every day (AVG Internet security 2012)