Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

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  1. shyam jos says:

    “ALL IN ONE SEO” is a must have Plugin!

  2. Paritosh says:

    Other than installing All In One SEO plugin, I never paid attention to SEO. I believe Google is intelligent enough to sort out good content and show it in results.

  3. Amith says:

    Tanks for the timely info

  4. seomasterz says:

    Hey paritosh is very right..he never had paid attention to seo and that is why 736,000 pages of his website techvorm is on google. Even the search pages are listed. whenever you search any nokia mobile or apps his website search pages will be listed not the post pages..
    He is a damn fool and claim to have wordpress designing and seo services on his website..
    He has just 1500 posts on his blog, that are not so great…I feel that most are copied and the only thing he is doing is giving pictures and making them length using his not so great english..Beside that websites like WEbtricks have 13000 and all valuable link listed on google.. not the rubbish once..
    So paritosh please Shut up

  5. Same basic guidelines…Though a good read to use it as a checklist.. Google should release a new book : SEO after Google panda 😉

  6. Sujay says:

    Very useful info. Good for starters like me…:)

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