Grab Free 1 Year License of AVG Internet Security 2014

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  1. Shemul says:

    Thanks, Although I have not used it. But it has got a huge reputation., lets try AVG Internet Security 2014 once.

  2. Trulylatino (N.Y.C.) says:

    It work for me. Thank you! =:)

  3. Charlie Sheen says:

    It worked for me too and I had 2 more days left on my trial version,I was going to downgrade to the free version today.Important….after the download,you have to restart computer.After opening the download you will hit a page with check boxes with things like “update” “uninstall” “downgrade”.You want to choose “CHANGE”.That will take you through the installation process.

    I now have 347 more days of protection…and probably 347 more reminders to purchase.

  4. YOGI says:

    work perfectly but this version doesn’t include two feature which are shown in above image..

    parental control and online Backup..

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