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by Mayur on January 23, 2010

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gMail icon Are you tired off seeing those annoying advertisements and sponsored links in your Gmail account? Today, I’m sharing an easy and working method which can remove all those ads and extra links from Gmail in Firefox & Google Chrome.

Hiding web clips shown above the Gmail Inbox

Web Clips show you news headlines, blog posts, RSS and Atom feeds, and relevant sponsored links, right at the top of your inbox.

Web clips in gmail

To disable them, open Settings in gmail and select Web Clips tab. Uncheck the box saying ‘Show my web clips above the Inbox’.

Web clips disabled

No more web clips will appear now!

Disable/Hide/Turn Off Ads or Sponsored Links appearing in Sidebar -

Many ads & sponsored links are shown in Gmail sidebar, when a mail is opened which can be sometimes irritating to users. There is a simple way to get rid of them.

Gmail with Ads

Gmail without Ads

Just follow the simple steps below for your desired browser:

For Mozilla Firefox -

1. Download and Install Greasemonkey add-on.

2. Install GMail Without Ads! GM userscript.

This will block ads only on Gmail but not on Google Apps mail. You can easily add your Apps mail (like http://mail.webtrickz.com/) to above GM script in order to hide ads on it.

For Google Chrome -

This is applicable for users running Google Chrome Beta version.

1. Open the ‘Gmail Hide Sponsored Links’ webpage on your Chrome browser.

2. Click the Install button to install this extension.

All ads will now be blocked both from Gmail and Google Apps mail.

Do share your views with us on the above trick :D

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