How to Disable/Turn Off Google Instant Search

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  1. For the moment I disabled the instant search may be coz of my typing speed and the way I search..but it could be really useful for people whose typing speed is low…

  2. Smiling Carcass says:

    For those that (sensibly) do not keep cookies, each time FF is restarted, Instant is back on. Here is a solution that will turn it off permenantly in FF. IE users, change browsers or get used to it!

    FF users don’t need any add-ons or scripts to disable this.

    Nor do they need to change their homepage.

    In FF you can disable instant search and instant previews by modifying the about:config file.

    Instructions here-

    Simple and it worked for me with no (as yet) apparent problems.

    Thanks, E-How!

  1. September 9, 2010

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