How to Find/Retrieve UDID of iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

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  1. daniel baumgartner says:

    Is there any way to get the udid off a device that you have lost?

  2. Ferhat says:

    Anyway to change that UDID code just invade I want to sell my iPhone 4 in the near future?

    I would like to think someone somewhere is working on a UDID code generator on PC or MAC to change it for when you want to sell or have bought a second hand iPhone?

  3. naugtur says:

    To read the UDID in Linux just use [lsusb -v] – prints lots of text, but it’s easy to find.

  4. f0k says:

    To read the UDID in Linux just use:
    lsusb -v 2> /dev/null | grep -e “Apple Inc” -A 2
    This will print three lines per attached apple device: The manufacturer, the device name and the UDID (called “iSerial”).

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