How to install all your jailbroken apps on iPhone OS 3.0

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  1. Oscar says:

    Whenever I try to do this it gives me asize missmatch error what I do I am telly desperate to find UPI. Tou yp fix this problem downgrading is an option formme at the momn

  2. pax says:

    it works like a charm!! Thanks man! :))

  3. Michael says:

    Does it need to reboot first?

  4. keyur says:

    thanx a lot!!!

  5. wn says:


  6. priyanka says:

    i hv jailbroken my device n got cydia.. i dont hv wifi.. could u plz tell me.. wheneva i enter funbox it shows that my device is still jailed..
    is there any way i can jailbroke it.. even when i use ssh i cant see all the folders…
    any help would be apprecialble

  7. ANONYMOUS says:

    i have done the steps but when i try to download appsync it says size mismatch ??????
    what to do ?

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