How to Run your computer without a Hard disk ?

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  1. keyur says:

    i got ubuntu live dvd free wid chip magazine!!

  2. Jose L says:

    I’m crying, it’s incredible, I love LINUX!!!

  3. maizein says:

    Do you know if I can do that an install Ubuntu on a SD card for instance? I have an old HP laptop and I know the HD is about to die. I’m seriously considering removing the HD and installing Ubuntu on a SD card (the laptop has a built-in SD card reader 🙂

  4. yash says:

    i have linux os (ubuntu 10.0.4) but i m not getting how to connect to internet using mobile. it is asking for updating the “gedit” package….. .bt without internet how i can update it…….please tell me how to download that package .

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