How to Shuffle Desktop Backgrounds in Windows 7

by Mayur on January 14, 2009

in How To's, Windows 7

Recently I told you How you can get Windows 7 Official Themes, Wallpapers, Gadgets, but now you can make your collection of Wallpapers shuffle or change automatically at selected time intervals. Brandon LeBlanc has shared an easy way which lets you do it easily.

Follow the steps below to make your Desktop Background shuffle in Windows 7 :

1. Right-click on your Desktop and choose Personalization.

2. Under the Personalization Control Panel, choose Desktop Background (bottom of screen).

3. Under Picture location, you can choose from the default locations for photos (including Top Rated Photos) or browse to a custom folder where you might be storing photos.

4. Choose multiple photos by checking each photo you want to appear as a background on your desktop.

5. At the bottom of the screen next to Picture position there is a drop down box and a check box for shuffling pictures on your desktop. Make sure the “Shuffle” checkbox is checked.

6. You can also customize how often pictures shuffle on your desktop via the drop down next to the “Shuffle” check box.

Shared  via  Windows Team Blog

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