How to Turn off ‘License validity expires soon’ notification in Kaspersky Antivirus & Internet Security 2010

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  1. Shankar says:

    After hack, does it work like trial version or paid version? What are the differences between the trial version & paid version?

  2. wahyu ari wibowo says:

    please send key kaspersky 2010

  3. esper says:

    @Shanker There is no difference between them except 30 days and no, dumbass, this isnt a hack to make paid version. Do you honestly think that kaspersky would make a simple tickbox to allow you to get their software free?

    @wahyu Don’t waste peoples time

  4. alex says:

    i’ve disabled all notifications by un-checking the entire notifications(before entering the settings tab)., even then i get this(only) notification….. is there a solution for this??

  5. sapan says:

    please upload kasperesky 2012 reseter

  6. mrinal says:

    can u post the same notification disable information about KIS2011

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