Is new iPod Touch 4G Camera really worth?

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  1. bob says:

    the ipod touch (2010) is amazing ! the face talk is very impressive i sugest it is worth the money 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Looks like you’re right about people thinking again if they are buying it only for the camera. When I’ve used it the HD video is quite good, but the still photos are poor (examples: ) and far inferior to the iPhone4. A shame perhaps, but I still think it’s great it now has a camera as well as everything else, and it is something that I would hope/expect they will improve in future generations.

  3. Jacob says:

    “That’s really not meant for taking high quality photos.”
    Well duh, if it was, then it would be called the “Apple iCam” or something clever like that… it’s a freaking MP3 player with a ton of extras… If you want High Quality photos, get a Nikon.

    • jay says:

      you smashed it in 1! exactly its a mp3, mp4 player that has been made by one of the most respectable computer manufactures in world, its does have alot of advanced (upto date) technologies, such as internet access, crystal clear video output, and very good sound quality output (must have a decent pair of earphones).

      So really everything else is a bonus to an already top quality media player. cam might not be the best and those with a previous gen touch should wait for the next gen (5,6) as it might not be worth it if you already have a good cam. But for the the first timer like me, its absolutely a fantastic piece of kit, both in hardware and software.

      The price is quite steep but come on guys/ladies this is apple we are talking about were the cheapest laptop is 8,9 hundred £,$, and top end desktops can go as high as 6,000,00. You pay for the name and quality for any apple product, so really the price is pretty good to what it can do, and i have heard some were that more itouch’es are sold to Nintendo DS and PSP put together so that says it all in my opinion!!!!

      All i can say for those who are going to buy any touch and that is to buy a hard case and screen protectors for the day you buy it, because just 1 day is enough to get scratches on it. and lets say you just spent £300 on the itouch g4 put it on the side picked back up and it had scratches you would be pissed, i know i would!

      Any way awesome player, that can do exactly what a notebook could do at the same price , genius!

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