Kingston launches 256GB highest capacity Pen drive

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  1. Daniyal says:

    The price point on this is completely ridiculous!

  2. Rockstar Sid says:

    Now that’s massive pendrive with an equivalent price 😀

  3. wow thats with a huge capacity and fast as well.

  4. somayajyulu says:

    cost equaleent to highquality laptop
    prise shoud come down upto 80%

  5. Ishan says:

    Its just too expensive. Who will buy it? My own pen drive is good

  6. Nanduborntobepressed says:

    better take a good laptop than this fkkin device

  7. Abhay says:

    Cool 256 Giga In India is currently for Rs.40,000 Approx
    But think spending Rs.40,000=256GB Pendrive or 4TB ExternalHD

    Hey Anyone like BillGates can buy it !

    Kingston is planning to Launch 320GB Pendrive in Europe !

  8. myself says:

    4GB is big enough for me ^.^

  9. babji says:

    wow, it’s very very huge capacity pen drive … i like it

  10. Debjani Ghosh Roy says:

    We want to buy Kingstone new 256 GB pen drive.So please give us some contact details in India.

  11. Ziva says:

    Nobodys gonna buy dat unless they bring down d price

  12. neha verma says:

    Hello Mayur what a nice blog that has information of Kingston Pendrive which has highest capacity of 256 GB

  13. DEBASISH NAIK says:

    Please provide me the contact details of Kingston Pen drive in India I want to buy 256 GB capacity Pen drive in my e-mail i.d.

  1. February 25, 2010

    […] previously posted about Kingston’s 256GB highest capacity Pen drive. A new biggest size USB Flash drive ‘DataTraveler 310’ is now launched by Kingston which […]

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