Motorola EX128 & EX115 Dual SIM phones launched in India

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  1. Rajrup says:

    This is really a nice phone (motorola ex128)..i have purchased this one yesterday. (11/10/10)
    Its picture and sound quality are great and its touch is very responsive unlike nokia.
    viewing pictures and video in it is a pleasure.

    There are many other features which are not mentioned anywhere..
    It has:

    2.FM recording
    4.Scheduled FM recording
    4.Customizable home screen
    5.Recording conversation without beep beep sound in background.

    Though this model is not good for those who text a lot(2000sms/month) like me due to its full touch feature..this is a major drawback for me.

    So i want to sell this phone.
    anyone interested may contact me at

    1. email-
    2. cell- 9874612158 (voda)

    Price Rs.5000/- with bill and everything.

  2. Saurabh says:

    I got it for 4800. With Bill.. !! I hate the interface though.. the interface looks like as china phone… !!

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