Register for ‘Do Not Call/Disturb’ (NDNC) to Stop Promotional calls and messages from Telecom Operators

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  1. JK says:

    Thanks for the info. I am sure most people (India) need this.

  2. mizdoc says:

    Good luck with this. We in Canada got it a year or so ago and I signed up right away, however it has made very little difference….there are so many exceptions, its ridiculous

  3. MostlyBlog says:

    thanks for the info,btw Rt done

  4. rock says:

    thanks yar…….

  1. December 1, 2010

    […] be effective from 1st January, 2011. The new telecalling rules are pretty strict as compared to Do Not Call Registry and will surely provide a relief to telephone and mobile customers, who are bombarded and ripped […]

  2. March 29, 2012

    […] betray the users in some kind of unfair practices. To overcome this problem, you can simply Register in NDNC Registry to stop promotional calls and messages from Telecom Operators. But that would entirely block […]

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