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  1. Murphy says:

    Good luck !
    Best regards !

  2. Ravi singh says:


    Thanks for your review.I recently switched to Infolinks as my earning were very less with Kontera. And I must tell you earning has been increased, Also its installation,customization and reports are very easy to operate.

  3. Hi Mayur,

    My name is Jonathan Cohen and I’m the Community Manager at Kontera.

    If you like Infolinks, I think you’ll Kontera. The most recent trend is a lot of publishers are going from Infolinks back to Kontera, thanks to a slew of great offerings.

    First of all Kontera is now offering a 70% revenue share, which is the best rate in the industry. We’re also offering a $50 bonus to any new publisher who gets at least 25,000 U.S. page views during their first 30 days on the network. Additionally, and I know this issue concerns you, Kontera has better payout terms. While Infolinks only allows a $50 payout for certain payment methods, Kontera has a $50 payout threshold across all payment methods.

    Kontera also has more attractive ads than Infolinks. While Infolinks relies solely on generic ads feeds, Kontera has an exclusive ad inventory from such globally recognized brands as Dove, Microsoft, Volvo, Blackberry, Quaker, and L’Oreal. These premium, often Rich-Media ads offer the best CPC and can only be found from Kontera.

    We also feature the most relevant results. Kontera’s contextual technology can understand the meaning of webpages, leading to more higher CTR In-Text ads appearing on your content. Infolinks on the other hand, can only scan webpages for keywords, leading to more unrelated ads, which turn off your visitors and offer lower CTR.

    If you’d like to learn more about Kontera, you can either contact me at or browse or Publishers Page:


    – Jonathan

  4. Shekhar says:

    I invite you to read about my experience with in-yext advertising. It is published at

  5. 'jake says:

    I find “Infolinks” or any other in-text ad annoying and always find a way to disable them.

  6. Arif Bhat says:

    I am using infolinks from 2 months now. First month went smooth with infolinks with good eCPM and less clicks and i was satisfied with it. In second month my clicks have doubled but eCPM has declined sharply and earnings are even not the 50% of the first month. I know you will experience this too. I will surely shift to kontera. I have written to infolinks about the trend they are using to lure new users and then cutting the earnings as the time passes.

  7. A. Roberts says:

    Thank your for the post. I have been thinking about text ads and really needed the info.

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