Oppo N3 with motorized swivel camera Announced, Comparison with Motorola Nexus 6

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  1. Arun kumar says:

    This Oppo mobile had mind blowing technology, same camera used front and rear with high mega pixel, i really like it…

    From bizbilla.com

  2. ijaz Rs khan says:

    Very Very Nice website and very helpfull post here

  3. Oppo N3 is a great device with very good specs. Thanks for writing this article that specifies all the specs of it.

  4. Shorten URL says:

    I had also purchased oppo N3 recently. But i am not satisfied with its camara, its picture quality is so poor seems like nokia phones. and its pixle sizes of all images are in kbs. So can it check it to the dealer point. I am waiting to hear you.

  5. David says:

    Nice informations, good site

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