Taking Screenshots on Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 running Jelly Bean

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  1. Thomas Addy says:

    You must first enable accessibility shortcut in settings accessibility menu. JUST CHECK THE BOX TO ENABLE IT. NOW holding power and volume buttons takes the screen shot and can be seen in Gallery.

  2. arnab says:

    its not working for my galaxy tab2 updated into4.1.1 jelly bean after check the check box for accesbility also, can u guide me with other solution, in my mail id:(

  3. Christine says:

    Thanks a bunch! I’ve been wondering about that. Another case of “progress” making something waaaay more complicated than it needs to be. It takes a contortionist to produce a screen shot now! How totally irritating. Any tips on how to remove or avoid updates. Is that even possible? Just when I get everything figured out they mix it up. My theory: Updates are created by nerds seeking revenge on the rest of us. I was nice to everyone in high school, I swear. Ugh

  4. rajesh says:

    Thanks i have search alot for this solution…

  5. vaibhav says:

    Working thanks a lot

  6. eighteen says:

    Its helpful..thank a lot for ya solution.

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