Turn off ‘Activate Windows now’ notification in Windows 8

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  1. Well thanks a lot, this windows 8 activation notification has been bugging me every day.

  2. Was looking for this so long ago, easy solution, I’m a dump, Thank you so much!

  3. Maxi says:

    this is super awesome, it worked fine for me…God bless you bless you mehn.

  4. Reinaldo Benitez says:

    Actually, this wasnt the Solution, Im talking about the Blue Pop Up!! Plz Tell Me how to Stop It!!!

  5. Michael Collins says:

    This wasn’t a solution. That’s how its done in Windows 7. Windows 8 is the Blue Pop up that always pops up, and the option to unselect Windows Activation is greyed out!

  6. Dave says:

    So i tried to change the action center settings and it won’t let me uncheck the check? any suggestions? I am logged in with admin rights.

    • Mehmet says:

      yeah it happens on me too
      please find a solution for this
      in the middle of a game it just pops out and alt+tabs
      i hate that

  7. hari nath says:


    thanks for the post – but that particular option is greyed out in my copy and i cant seem to be able to check or uncheck that option.

    Cab you help me please. . . .

  8. Question says:

    I\’m using windows 8.1 Pro
    I can\’t uncheck the windows activation as it is not clickable. Both microsoft account and windows activation are not clickable. All others are clickable

  9. rey says:

    same here blue pop up several times /day , so annoying and can t uncheck the windows activation option .

  10. Patricio Lagos says:

    doesn\’t work for me because the \”windows activation\” box is greyed and cannot be modified… I guess I have to run it as administrator, but I have no idea how

  11. tehrur says:

    Useless manual. Checkbox is greyed and i can\’t uncheck it. So how do i do uncheck that box?

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