Ubuntu 10.10 Final released! [Download Now]

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  1. TechbeX says:

    Ubuntu 10.10 seems really awesome so far on my laptop. Really good release from what I’ve seen so far, the interface looks sweet and it seems much quicker. Love the new font too. Thanks for the news.

  2. Nayan says:

    I am currently using Ubuntu 10.4 LTS,is 10.10 LTS edition ?

  3. DBJani says:

    Send me free CD
    L.D.College of Engineering

  4. aluriyaswanth says:

    send me free cd

  5. shiju jose says:

    I am working as a lecturer in an engg. college.i am doing a hardware course in g-tech computer education(part time).now i am using ubuntu 8.10.please send me the latest version.
    shiju jose,
    pulikkottil house,
    chingavanam p.o,
    Thanking you.

  6. jed says:


  7. r.jagatheesh says:

    please send the latest version ubuntu 10.10 free cd..

  8. poriyachetan says:

    i’m studing in ddu,nadiad.
    i want free ubuntu 10.04 cd at home.

  9. sambashiva says:

    i want free ubantu 10.10 cd at home ,i am from nizamabad.local

  10. poojan patel says:

    I am studing in SNV International school.In my laptop there is coming so much virus incoming in my laptop.I have listened that in linux no viruses is coming.

    i wanted a free CD of ubuntu.I am from,
    Azad Chowk ,
    Rampur [Vaso].

  11. Beau says:

    Please send me the CD at 19 Low Street Observatory Cape Town South Africa.

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