Which Anti-Virus software should I install ?

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  1. Rohit Sane says:

    I am still using AVG. I think its right time to shift now!

    • SATISH KUMAR says:

      Hi don’t use AVG da…It ll show virus in your system how many times if you scan the system da…Use Norton Anti-virus ya……..It is best da……….ok….

  2. Murphy says:

    Thanks….another useful article .
    Best regards !

  3. kingpin says:

    Hey Mayur,
    Wonder if Gdata Total care 2010 is good candidate for Platinum?
    What about KIS 2010?

  4. leon says:

    for the last couple of years I used Kaspersky but lately I started using vipre antivirus and I found it to be pretty great.

  5. George says:

    But what about Anti-Malware applications such as MalwareFox? Aren’t they supposed to be different than Antivirus applications? And if so how can I choose the best?

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