15+ URL Shortening Services/Bookmarklets discussed

Sometimes it becomes very difficult for us to remember long URL’s or links. No problem you can make these long and hard to remember url’s too short in a simple click. You can differ below between a long link and a tiny or small link created using these easy to use URL Shortening services.

Before – http://www.rediff.com/cricket/2009/mar/15jaggis-ton-help-east-win-shut-door-on-north.htm

After –  http://tinyurl.com/ctaacy

Many of the below services also provides bookmarklets by which you can make a short url in a single click. This means there’s no need to copy the original url and then paste it to these sites for shortening the link.

To add the bookmark, Click and drag the bookmarklet to your browser links toolbar.

List of URL Shortening services:

Hope you like this long list of URL Shortening services which can make your task easier.


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  1. Abhishek says:

    Wow Great Collection mate !!

  2. Sony Ericsson Themes says:

    Good collection yes! Thanks man, useful 🙂

  3. Robert says:

    Good list but there are more sites that support bookmarklets such as nutshellurl.com and smallr.com.

  4. leeh says:

    There’s still a new one, http://lnks.it. My favorite Bit.ly+delicious into 1!

  5. MikeD says:

    simple short url service with a wacky name

  6. unionweb says:

    Greaaaat list. Now the problem is deciding which shortener is best for visitors. Thank you very much.

  7. Abhay Mittal says:

    Thank you very much Webtrickz.
    Actually, I am in this field from about 10 yrs and I was shocked to know that I have never passed with this service!

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