2 Services to Create short URL’s with custom link name and Password Protection feature

If you want to keep your URL’s OR web links private while sharing them on the web, there here are 2 great services which can do this task easily. They will shorten your long links to smaller URL’s while making them password-protected.

1) Tini.us This is simply an awesome service as it provides various cool features to choose from. It can shorten long URL’s and password-protect them too.

tini.us -  Shorten and password-protect long URL's

Exiting Features of Tini.us:

  • This service includes 4 types of features. You’ll need to choose the Secure tini type to make your tini url’s password-protected.

4 types

  • Choose an optional link name to make short links even more easier to remember.
  • Select between 3 short domain names.

3 optional domains

  • The cool User Interface of tini.us beats any other URL Shortening service available.

Password-protected Short URL generated using tini.us –   [Password – 12345]

2) 2pl.us – This service also performs the same task as the above one does.


When someone opens a password-protect URL or link he will see the message as:

enter password box

Password protected shortened URL using 2pl.us: http://2pl.us/url  [Password – 12345]

In it you can add an ! at the end of the URL to enable preview before redirecting like:

Both these services also lets you create short links without using password-protection feature.

>> Hope you liked these 2 cool services which do a great job for Free.


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5 Responses

  1. Caspian says:

    Totally digging it. Keep the URLs short and crisp and don’t give away too much info to the unecessarily curious types. Will surely be giving this a shot.

  2. priya says:

    thanks for this tool everyone needs to keep their info private will try it out.

  3. Bobby says:

    This is indeed a wonerful tool.

  4. Phaoloo says:

    They are really useful if you want to share secret stuff via Twitter :D. But why send via Twitter, not mail???

  5. jonny says:

    Non of those adresses, exist or am i doing it wrong? click on the link but it just take me to an default page on both of them. help would be nice 🙂

    great site by the way +5

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