10 ways to Speed up your PC | Tips By Microsoft & Us

image Every one of us wants a speedy PC which can perform all actions without any hassle, but for that, you have to Tweak your windows and maintain it to keep it running smoothly and fast.

Here are the 5 major tips recommended by Microsoft to keep your Windows performance better.

  • Free up disk space
  • Speed up access to data
  • Detect and repair disk errors
  • Protect your computer against spyware
  • Learn all about ReadyBoost

Follow Our Useful Tips:

  • Clean Out Windows Prefetch for Faster Startup – Goto C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch and delete all files inside this Folder ( Windows expert Ed Bott explains it )
  • Clean Temporary Files – Open Run > Type %temp% and delete all files inside this Folder
  • Cleaning the Registry Improves Performance – Use Free App CC Cleaner
  • Defrag your Windows time to time – Use Free App JkDefrag GUI ( Defragmentation Application that has a screensaver mode )
  • Disabling Services not in Use – You can identify or disable those services by opening msconfig.exe and checking the box for “Hide all Microsoft services” on the Services tab:
  • Reduce the Startup Programs – This will make your PC load faster by opening fewer programs at startup. This can be done by opening msconfig.exe and disable unused entries under Startup menu.


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    Oh yes, its working, But I have speed up my Internet connection a little bit. Anyway it’s been happy to working on the net by speed browsing.
    Thank you.

  2. Vikram says:

    I have few great tips on my site 🙂

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