Acid 3 Test – Opera Mini vs Safari for iPhone

opera Opera mini is a hot topic since its official release for iPhone. Opera mini is dominating the Apple app store and was listed as number one iPhone app in the 22 featured Apple App Stores. The app has been downloaded more than one million times in its first day of availability.

Though Opera mini has gained huge attention and is surely faster (6 times faster) but that doesn’t mean it has surpassed Apple’s Safari browser in performance. Some users noted glitches while using opera mini and some sites are also not rendered properly by it. However, it should be noted that this is its initial release and will be improved in future.

We conducted a small Acid 3 browser test, to analyze a quick difference between Opera mini and Safari for iPhone/ iPod touch.


Opera mini    Opera mini_1

The above Acid 3 test clearly declares Safari as the winner. Also, see how acid 3 site looks on Opera mini. Lets see what Opera team can do to polish up its iPhone browser.


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2 Responses

  1. Saket says:

    Lolz funny view of acid3 on opera mini. But You can’t say Safari as the “clear” winner. The margin is just 3.. anyways congrats to the Apple team

  2. Jaydee says:

    Although Safari is better than opera mini, I find it curious that it gets 100% in the acid3 test. Note the pink square at the top right of the acid 3 page. This is down to a fault that causes one of my company web pages to render in a catastrophic manner even though it renders perfectly in Safari Desktop, Chrome and Firefox 3 (not acid3 compliant). Could it be that iPhone Safari has had some optimisation to pass the acid 3 test?

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