AdBlock extension to Block/Disable Ads in Google Chrome

adblock The popular AdBlock add-on for Firefox has now been added to the Chrome extensions gallery. Ad Blocker for Chrome blocks all advertisements on all web pages. It automatically updates your browser with additions to the filter.

AdBlock settings can be easily customized from Tools > Extensions > AdBlock Options. You can add filters for additional languages from its options menu.

AdBlock Filter lists


– Block an ad that the filters missedPress Ctrl-Shift-K (think "Kill!") Click the ad, Slide the slider until the ad is blocked correctly on the page. Click ‘Looks Good’ button.

– Don’t run AdBlock on specific domains – Press Ctrl-Shift-L (think "Live!") on a page to keep AdBlock away from running on that page’s domain, making it Whitelist.

To add the AdBlock button next to the address bar, click Install on the Browser Button for AdBlock page. To remove button, right click it and choose Disable.

>> AdBlock Extension for Chrome

You may also want to try AdThwart which is also a good alternative to it.


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  1. Murphy says:

    Yes…AdBlock is a very good extension .
    Best regards !

  2. The original Adblock Plus is far better and now also available for Chrome:

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