AdSense Competitive Ad Filter Limit Raised to 500

Google Adsense has now increased the Competitive Ad Filter limit to 500 URL’s. An AdSenseAdvisor revealed about this change in a discussion at webmaster world forum.

Check your account. We have more than doubled your number of filters (to 500).

Please don’t go crazy with this. The reason we’re not announcing it on the blog is that we don’t want to overload our system with everyone filling their filters to capacity at once.

Adsense  Competitive Ad Filter limit raised to 500 URL's

The Competitive Ad Filter enables you to block specific ads, such as competitors’ ads, from appearing on your pages. Previously, it was limited to a maximum of 200 URL’s only. I hope some publishers will now make a best use of it.


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  1. pro-vamsi says:

    Its time for me to increase my filter list!!
    thanks for the info mate!!

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