AppSync for iOS 4 Jailbroken devices to Install Cracked Apps

As you may know, the best working jailbreak ‘JailbreakMe’ by Comex is now out for jailbreaking iPhone, iPod touch running iOS4 and iPad running 3.2.1/3.2 firmware.

If you’ve jailbroken your idevice, then it’s time now to install “AppSync” which works with iOS 4.0/4.0.1 firmware. AppSync patches the MobileInstallation file of iOS4 and allows users to manually install .ipa files like cracked games and apps on their idevice.

Note: Before installing Appsync, make sure you have jailbroken your iPhone, iPod touch running iOS 4 or iPad with iOS 3.2.1/3.2. To jailbreak these device check below links:

Follow the steps below to install AppSync on iOS4 –

1. Goto: Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add

2. Enter the URL and click Add Source.

add SiNfuL repository

3. Wait for the SiNfuL repository to get added.

4. When installation gets completed, tap Search tab in cydia and search for “appsync”. Install the app named “AppSync for OS 4.x”.

Note: If you’ve iPad running iOS 3.2.1/3.2 then you need to install ‘AppSync for OS 3.2’.

appsync for OS 4.x    Install AppSync

5. Wait for the process to complete and it will ask to Reboot after installation is over.

After rebooting, you’ll be able to install .ipa files directly to your device. To install .ipa files, just connect your device to computer and run iTunes. Now double-click the desired ipa file to add it to iTunes, Sync to install it on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Disclaimer: This guide is for informational and educational purposes only.


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24 Responses

  1. Eve says:

    i don’t think your guide is correct. I just jailbreak and upgrade to 4.0.1 and try to install appsync via cydia. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow 4.01. to install. think it only allow 4.0 to install. this is flawed!

    • Mayur says:

      Thanks for confirming Eve. I tried it on 4.0 and thought it works for 4.0.1 too. You must wait for AppSync 4.0.1 as Hackulous repo also doesn’t have it yet.

  2. Jon says:

    Thanks a lot for the guide, works perfect for version 4.0 not sure about 4.0.1. I just want to say that if it still doesnt work try creating a new windows user account and do it from the itunes in that profile or if possible your second pc. Sometimes itunes gets pretty messed up with time as with mine, had to boot into my other OS and run itunes there. Anyhoo great guide!

  3. Levis says:

    Does this work for iphone 4??

  4. raph says:

    I have and ipod touch 3g 8gb (i know it is not actually 3g, but it is an MC model) already jailbroken…if i upgrade it to iOS4 before using jailbrakeme, will i loose all my cracked apps?
    I mean…i got apps like games that have saved files that i cannot, or do not know how to, backup…

    • Mayur says:

      I also have the same device and lost everything after upgrading to iOS4 by manually restoring. So do backup before doing anything!!

      To Backup, connect your device and run iTunes. Right-click device and select: Backup, Sync and Transfer purchases back to back. This will backup all the data except cracked app from cydia. Though, you cracked games will be there.

      Check this:

      Btw.. updating to iOS4 is not a fair deal for iPod touch users because you’ll hardly notice any big difference.

      • raph says:

        Thanks man…helped a lot!
        i know that it doesnt make much of a difference for ipod users, but i still like to give it a try!!
        thanks again!

  5. NYI says:

    I have IPad version 3.2.1. But don’t know how to sync crack apps to my IPad? Help me!

    • Mayur says:

      Just search ‘AppSync for OS 3.2’ in cydia and install it using the above procedure on your iPad. Syncing and installing .ipa files manually is told in the last paragraph, just check.

      • NYI says:

        Yes. I tried everything OS 3.2, OS 4.x, OS 3.1x and OS 3.0 but nothing work. The note show like ” The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that can’t be automatically found or fixed.” I also have IPHone 4 and try with OS 4.x and it works and can sync all the crack apps. I have no idea why not IPad verson 3.2.1 (7B405)

      • Nyi says:

        Yes I tried it already. I also tried OS 4.x, OS 3.2, OS 3.1.x and OS 3.0 but nothing works. I have IPhone 4 and tried it just like you said and it works. I can sync all the crack gmaes to my iphone 4. Now I have no idea why not my IPad version 3.2.1 (7B405). The note show me just like that ” The requested modifications can’t be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that can’t be automatically found or fixed. ” Help need…

  6. Win says:

    Hi, I bought 2 units of IPhone 4 from but I have a problem that I can’t activate the phone. I already tried with iphone 4 activation sim card and only worked on one iphone. Another IPhone didn’t work. I restart the computer and try again but the same problem, can’t activate it. Why?

  7. Lauicku says:

    This version have problem together with Facebook 3.2 !!!

  8. Shaiful says:

    Why my app go out when i click that app.

  9. JacksonDrake says:

    Hey I’m using a 3GS running on 4.0.1 and I’ve successfully installed appsync 4.x but I’m still unable to sync my cracked apps. I get the message that it cannot be installed “because an unknown error occurred (0xE8008001)”

    I hope that you can help me and thank you in advance!

    • Imran Malik says:

      Same problem with me. itunes installs all other applications except ones i have as ipa. it says sometime computer not authorized which i did many times and some times says unknown error. Will appreciate any help.

  10. Zeb says:

    Thanx so much buddddddddddy works for me awesome

  11. wazup says:

    i have a problem with this. im running 4.0 but it doesnt sync my applications from itunes to my ipod. it first says syncing games then determining tracks and then it it just stops. the games does not appear on my ipod. i already have apsync installed through hackulo, so i have no idea what to do.

  12. Nitin says:

    it’s work for I phone 4 also
    Right now I have 4.2.1 version
    Tell me how to get jailbreak and how to install
    crack games in my phone

  13. chever says:

    i already downloaded appsync for my ipod but”Unknown Error Occurred (0xE8008001) Installing Apps” the appsync is compatible w/ my ipod version …i dont know how to do it so please help me

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