Send your Google Buzz to Twitter Automatically

Buzz Can Tweet is an online service, which allows your Google Buzz to be sent to your Twitter account at the same instant your send it to Buzz.

Tweet your Buzz

Linking Buzz to Twitter will make your buzz automatically be sent to Twitter and will include a link back to your buzz, which means that all your Twitter followers can enjoy all photos, videos etc without having to follow you on Buzz. Messages can be longer than 140 characters as your followers can just hit the link to read the rest.


  • Send buzz to Twitter.
  • Use your own account for links.
  • Selective tweeting, only tweet buzz with keyword #twitter (customizable).
  • Exclude text after keyword (customizable).
  • No link back to Buzz when under 140 characters and not attachment (customizable).
  • Use Buzz as your Twitter image service!

You’ll be prompted to sign in with your Buzz enabled Google account and then authenticate with Twitter.


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