BattleForge Play4Free – Download Full-version Free

BattleForge Full version is now being offered as a Free download to everyone. This game is published by Electronic Arts and was released on Windows in March 2009.

The BattleForge Play4Free Client, offers you complete access to all areas and functionality of the game, including all content updates (new PvP maps, Renegade Campaign) made available since release.

Download BattleForge Play4Free

BattleForge Play4Free includes two decks consisting of 32 cards, along with all functionality. You can play any scenario in the game, including the Renegade Campaign.

Download BattleForge Play4Free Client     via  [TechPP]

Update:  I advice you to do not try out this game and waste your time. I installed it on my system and it was like a mess. Firstly, I downloaded its 85 MB setup. After running it required a EA Games user id [Free] and downloaded files around 25 MB online.

See the 2.7GB patch

This much I did easily, but afterwards it was too bad. After agreeing the terms & conditions, it again started downloading patch files which were 2.7GB in size. That’s too big, I’m not a serious gamer. In my opinion this game is totally a waste of time.


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10 Responses

  1. Raju says:

    Its waste cos you are not serious gamer 🙂 Else, its very good and really worth to download and play

    • Mayur says:

      You are right Raju. The problem is, they aren’t providing the full installer of this big game. It becomes difficult to download the full game next time we install it.

  2. Eric says:

    After the 2.7 gb file patch is there anymore?

  3. Gagan says:

    I am not a game addict…. These days I am quite busy with my exams…. Downloading it now but will play after my xams :p

  4. Oops, was going to try out the game but 2.7GB of download is not my thing. Happy with my Counter Strike and NFS 😀

  5. Okay, honestly if you’re not willing to be patient enough to download a measly 3gigs to play a game then you’re not a serious gamer and have no place writing a bad review and saying it’s not worth the time. Especially when you haven’t even played the game. You’ve no clue whether or not it’s worth the time, and if you’re time was so valuable you’d not have wasted it writing a junk review like this with pictures and all just to tell folks not to try it out.

    My opinion is try the game. It has a lot of potential and if your internet, and computer aren’t piece of crap, 3gigs is barely more than a splash in the pond. it’s less than 1% of my 360gig hardrive… and less than 30 minutes of tea drinking and movie watching to install.

    Having played the game through the tutorials and a campaign or two, I’m still not at a level to judge it, but in that short time I’ve made plans to continue playing it for a long time. Take your average RTS game, add in co-op campaigns, a sandbox battleground where you can test your army against a variety of enemies as a start page, with the addition of a creative storyline and a triple dose of bad guys. With hundreds of creatures to choose at your discretion before battle to set up your army and a unique game play style where you don’t have bases but more reinforcement locals to bring any number of horrors unto the field to face your foes… this game went far above and far beyond my expectations while I stirred my tea waiting for it to download.

    Take the time folks, unless your internet sucks or your computer is a dinosaur tower with the power of a Magnavox Odyssey (look it up if you don’t know what the magna is.)

    Kyro Viusinge

  6. SOMEBODY says:

    I agree whit you! Is a nice game! Try you fuckers! You will like it 🙂 .

    P.S: Stay in Peace folks !

  7. xvxv77 says:

    this is a very good game if your willing to wait. one good thing is if you download half of the game it stays saved so if you can even wait three day shut it of and keep going(this is for the 3giga download not the mb download)iv played this game alot now it still fun…

  8. Ron Pantelakis says:

    What can I say, this is a very nice website!

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