Bookmarklet to change fonts & text size of web pages

Sometimes, we come across many sites/blog having very tiny font size or unreadable fonts. It becomes quite difficult to read those web pages properly, resulting in eye strain. So, I have found a nice and simple way to this problem.

 Image credit – liferoiblog

FIX – Below are some Useful Bookmarklets which allows you to Zoom In/Out text size and change fonts of any web page. Just ‘drag n drop’ the below bookmarklets to bookmarks toolbar of your browser.

Open a website and click on the desired bookmarklet. Now you’ll notice increase in font size of the page, which is easy to read. You can also use both font type and font size bookmarklet at the same time.

 Standard Font size Bookmarklets:

Original view

View using 15px bookmarklet 

Custom font or text size – Choose your own font size for a web page.

 custom font size

Standard Font type Bookmarklets:

Original page font 

Verdana font  

Other Useful Bookmarklet:

  • Uppercase – Changes all text on web page to capital letters
  • Lowercase – Changes all text on web page to small letters

Hope you found this article easy and useful.

Above bookmarklets are shared from Opera Bookmarklets Page.


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