ClearProg – Erase your internet tracks and junk files easily

ClearProg is a free and simple utility, which lets you simply delete all your Internet browser history. It is very helpful if you want to wipe off all your important browsing history without using the default browser options. It can rapidly erase your internet tracks and junk files.

erase full internet browsing history securely 

It can also clear Windows temp files and file lists of many other Microsoft programs.

Main Features of ClearProg

The program deletes the following browser tracks:

  • supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera
  • cookies (with exclusion possibility)
  • history
  • temporary internet files (cache)
  • the registered URLs
  • auto completing entries in web forms
  • download lists of the Netscape/Opera

The following things can also be deleted:

  • Recycle bin
  • document files in the starting menu
  • Windows temp files
  • execute entries in the start menu
  • file lists of ms Office programs
  • file lists of the Windows Media Player and the RealPlayer
  • own files with filter (can be selected)

System Supported: Win9x, Win ME, Win200, XP, Vista and Windows 7 too.

Supported languages: German, English, Dutch, France, Czech, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Thai

Download ClearProg 1.5.1 Beta 8  (461 KB)


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  1. Jaspreet says:

    It looks very similar to CCleaner (
    Does ClearProg has any benefits or extra features over CCleaner?

  2. priya says:

    I wonder if it work I have visited lots of website for quite a while so will love to try something that will erase

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