Copy URLs of All Opened Tabs in Chrome with Tabulate

Surely, you can manually copy a couple of websites address or URL and share them easily with your friends. But in case you’ve a lot of tabs opened up in Chrome browser which you want to open on a computer at your work or want to check them anytime later or just need to share all those websites with someone else. Then that’s not easy as manually copying each sites address link is a hectic task. Fortunately, there is a great extension to simply accomplish this task in just a single click on Google Chrome.

Tabulate is a handy and nifty extension for Chrome that packs the collection of sites (Tabs opened in Chrome) into a single URL. It offers a simple and fast way to create a link to a list of all of the tabs open in your current Chrome window. This cool extension makes it real easy to share a bunch of links you’re looking at, to anyone, anywhere, anytime, using only one link! It uses technology from



To use it, just click the Tabulate button at top right and it will instantly copy the URL with all running links to your clipboard. On opening the URL, it will display a list of all the sites. Click on the Links To Open In New Tab or choose to Open All links at once.

Tabulate Extension for Chrome   via [LifeHacker]


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  1. Irfan says:

    This is what i required when i copy links from address bar of my social media spread. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for this post, I actually downloaded it now and will test it. I was looking for something like this and you just made my day.

    BTW, I went to the site to download using Firefox and the button was not enabled for download. I had to use Chrome and then the button was enabled for me.

  3. Your blog is very impressive and I really appreciate you for your nicely written. now i can manually copy a couple of websites address or URL and share them easily with your friends.This would be helpful for me and give me more knowledge. I want to thank you for your nice cooperation and work and appreciate you for this.

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