Download Full Standalone Installer of Google Chrome [ Portable Chrome also Available ]

In Google’s new web browser “Chrome“, you’ll need to download a small 474 KB installer from its official website and then it’ll download the required files of approx. 7 MB from Google server.

Its annoying and painful when you want to install Chrome in more than one computer. You’ll have to download the required setup files in each system.

Google is providing a standalone installer which doesn’t require net connection while installing the browser. So you can download it once and then install it in as many systems as you want without any problem.

Download Full Standalone Offline Installer of Google Chrome

A portable version of Google Chrome is also available. Just download it and unzip it. Now you can run it and use it without any problem. No need to install. You can even carry it on your USB drive anywhere you want.

Download Portable Google Chrome

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