Download Official Google Reader App for Android

Google has silently released the official ‘Google ReaderAndroid app, available for Free download. The app syncs with Google reader on desktop and makes it easy to read the latest news and RSS Feeds. It supports all the basics you’d expect like unread counts, friends, sharing, liking, and starring, but it also has a whole lot more, including:

  • Multiple accounts
  • Synced preferences
  • Full subscription features (subscribe and search from your phone)
  • Search

google reader  send-resized

Just search from your phone or use the QR Code given to Download and Try it Now!

google reader_qr code

via [Android Guys]


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3 Responses

  1. Nicolas Laplante says:

    Too bad it always fails to signin. I get “Signin failed” every time.

  2. lukas says:

    same problem here. connecting over wifi works…

  3. leander says:

    Same here I am afraid 🙁

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